Emmy Rossum: I’m More Attracted To Nerds

Emmy Rossum may gravitate toward the bad guys on the show Shameless, but in real life the 27-year-old actress said she’s looking for a much different kind of man.

In a recent interview the actress said that looks aren’t all that important when she’s dating, and in fact she’s attracted to an unconventional group.

“I’m kinda more attracted to the nerd,” she told People magazine. “I’m really into guys who are super smart and funny and can teach me something I don’t know about.”

Rossum’s romantic history isn’t exactly filled with nerds, however. The actress has dated a lot of big-name types, including Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz, Shameless co-star Jacob Tyler Moore, and music executive Jason Siegel.

Still, Emmy said she has an equal opportunity approach to dating.

“Girls, and guys too, are so shallow that we don’t give a chance to the good guy who’s maybe not as cute,” she said. “They’re kinda like a fixer-upper apartment.”

“You need to pick the guy who’s really good inside and then give him a makeover,” she added. “Turn him into the perfect version of himself. You can never change what’s inside, that’s the problem. You can change their jacket and their hairstyle, and buy them a Clarisonic.”

Dating isn’t so easy for Emmy Rossum, either. The actress said her racy scenes on Shameless have made meeting guys a bit awkward.

“It’s definitely weird on first dates when guys have already seen your boobs,” she said.

Rossum said in real life she’s nothing like her character Fiona.

“I feel like it gives guys the wrong idea about me because Fiona is so open with her sexuality, but I feel like I’m not that liberated at all,” she said. “So when I’m in character, it feels like I’m playing pretend, it feels like I’m in that head space and it’s very easy for me in a certain way to do that.”

But Emmy Rossum seems to have overcome this, and reportedly has a still-unnamed boyfriend. No word on whether he’s a nerd or not.