Taste: Miley Cyrus Porsche Cayenne

So what do you get when you are a teen disney star, that has just about everything, including the model boyfriend.

Well if you are Miley Cyrus, and you have just got your learners permit you get a Porsche Cayenne. Miley Cyrus’s first car is a porsche. Not just any Porsche, a Cayenne. Sure puts my Honda Civic to shame.

Miley Cyrus’ Porsche Cayenne certainly puts paid to any idea that she is just a normal kid, living a normal life. How many normal kids get a Porsche as their first car.

Miley Crus complained to Extra that the porsche wasn’t the one she wanted. “Its a hand me down” she said. “I suppose its not too bad for a hand me down.” What a spoilt brat.