Natalia Poklonskaya: The New ‘Hot And Sexy’ Attorney General Of Crimea

The Crimean crisis is described as the “biggest threat to European security” since the Cold War, which has sparked outrage across the world. However, most people are preoccupied with Natalia Poklonskaya, the attractive blonde appointed Crimean attorney general.

According to Daily Mail, Natalia Poklonskaya was first introduced to the world in a press conference on March 19th. Natalia talked about the deadly shooting of a Ukrainian solder by Russian-backed Crimean “self-defense forces” member. The shooting in Simferopol was the first military death since Russian entered the region.

Hours later, the video of Natalia Poklonskaya’s press conference was uploaded to Youtube, and went viral across Chinese, Japanese, and Russian social media sites. If Vladimir Putin purposely placed Natalia into the position she is in now, he did so strategically. As sexist as it is may sound, the angle that “sex sells” has been incorporated pertaining to this situation. Personal pictures from Natalia’s social accounts are even making their rounds on the internet, including a picture of her in red heels and a tight black dress.

Natalia Poklonskaya, however, is getting even more support mostly through cartoonists and animators. Since Natalia is extremely popular in Japan, many anime artists have made their own version of Natalia Poklonskaya fan art. Tributes have come in classic pencil-sketches to manga-style caricatures.

The artist community, deviantART, is beginning to flood with numerous art pieces of Natalia. One piece, which is now circling the internet, is by deviantART user, Itachj. His anime-stylization of Natalia has been shared on numerous social pages and media websites all around to the point he is thanking everyone for the exposure.

As reported by News Max, Natalia Poklonskaya worked as a senior lawyer in the Ukranian Prosecutor General’s Office in Kiev and Simferopol, before becoming chief prosecutor. Natalia told the official government newspaper of Russia, Rossyskaya Gazeta, that she opposes the opposition protests in Ukraine. Discussing the Ukraine’s regime change, Natalia described it as an “anti-constitutional coup”.

It seems Natalia Poklonskaya has assisted in nullifying the issues people have with Russia’s occupation of Crimea. The Ukraine government is livid. In response to Natalia joining Russia, they stripped her of civil service rank and launched a criminal case against her too. At this point, it probably doesn’t really matter.

[Featured image via Youtube screenshot]
[First article image via promotional press conference pictures of Natalia Poklonskaya]
[Second article image via Itachj’s deviantART Page]