Scott Walker Battles With Atheists Over A Bible Verse

Scott Walker has atheists upset over a tweet of a Bible verse that posted on the Govenor’s Twitter account. Walker tweeted “Philippians 4:13.” The NIV Bible translation of this verse is, “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” The same Bible verse also appeared on Scott Walker’s Facebook page.

Scott Walker's Bible Verse Tweet on 03/16/14

The Freedom From Religion Foundation responded with a letter demanding for Walker to remove the tweet. They claim that Governor Walker has thumbed his nose at the constitution. They argue Scott Walker has used “the machinery of the state of Wisconsin to promote personal religious views.” They say that the tweet sounds like “a threat… the utterance of a theocratic dictator.”

Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, at first threatened legal action. The Blaze reported that Barker would consider pursuing a law suit if the tweet was not removed. Barker says that Walker is free to express his religious opinion, just not using a governmental platform.

Scott Walker has refused to follow the organization’s demands. As of Saturday March 23rd, the Bible verse remains on Governor Walker’s social media accounts.

Governor Walker’s office gave a response to the complaints about the religious tweet to the Blaze on March 21st. Laurel Patrick, a spokeswoman for Walker, stated, “The verse was part of a devotional he read that morning, which inspired him, and he chose to share it.” Patrick says Governor Walker’s social media accounts give Wisconsinites a sense of who he is.

Dan Barker has backed off his threat of legal action against Governor Walker. The Blaze reports that the Freedom From Religion Foundation will not sue over one infraction. They do promise to continue monitoring the social media accounts of Scott Walker. They will pursue legal action if Walker makes a habit of posting Bible verses.

There was a mixed public response to Walker’s tweet, with many negative responses. One user states, “Isn’t this supposed to be your official government twitter account? Whatever happened to the wall of separation?” Another user tweets, “Separation of Church and State applies to YOU.”

Among his supporters, a user tweeted, “It speaks volumes of a man who will admit his strength comes from that which is greater than him.”

The Twitter account @GovWalker states, “Official Twitter Account of the 45th Governor of the State of Wisconsin, Scott Walker.” This is the account the Bible verse appeared on. Scott Walker also has another Twitter account: @ScottWalker.

Photo credit: Image taken from Yellow Hammer News