Man Kills Neighbor’s Puppy, Posts a Selfie With The Dead Puppy On Facebook: Picture Goes Viral

Most people probably wouldn’t believe it if they hadn’t seen it. Unfortunately, the picture tells the story.

On the morning of Wednesday, Mar. 12, Kenneth Woodburn allegedly shot and killed his neighbor’s puppy after it wandered into his yard, reports Examiner. The dog, whose name was Tank, belonged to a single mother, Richele Ince, and her four-year-old daughter.

Then, if the fatal shooting weren’t bad enough, Woodburn decided to take things a step further by sharing an image of the lifeless dog via Facebook. In the picture, he is shown with the puppy’s dead body. Blood stains can visibly be seen on the dog’s face in the picture. He also recounted the incident with numerous status posts leading up to the puppy’s death.

Once the picture was posted to Woodburn’s Facebook timeline, it quickly began circulating on the social media platform. The picture, which has since gone viral, has been shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A number of outraged Twitter users even tweeted their disdain of Woodburn’s actions. Citizens in the St. Mary County area of Maryland have even contacted local police to report the puppy’s death.

Woodburn stated in one of his Facebook statuses that the puppy “charged him,” but the animal’s gunshot wounds say otherwise. Icne cited that her puppy was shot twice – first in the side, and then in the head, which poses the question of whether or not the puppy charged Woodburn. One of his Facebook statuses also insinuates premeditation. Before Woodburn fatally shot the puppy, he said that if the dog came into his yard, “Hey going to dye today [sic].”

The publication also reports that a “Justice For Tank” petition has been launched requesting that Woodburn be charged with animal cruelty. The petition currently has more than 16,800 signatures, as it rapidly approaches the 17,000 signature goal. The campaign, which was started by one of Icne’s relatives, also gives an account of the incident from the owner’s perspective.

On March 12 2014, I took my little cousin home after she got off work… she was worried cause her baby had gotten away from the person who was watching him, but she had just bought a new runner and was going to put it up as soon as we found him…. before we got to her house, a neighbor named Kenny Woodburn shot Tank and then afterwards he posted a picture of it on Facebook like a trophy….Tank was shot in his side (the side that was facing the house that he was heading away from) and then shot in the head…. To me that just proves that the dog was shot as he was trying to exit the area…. Not only did Mr. Woodburn shoot a puppy (yes Tank had just turned 1 in March) but he also resides next door to a daycare. The direction that he shot was the same direction as the daycare….The outcome that day was very sad but could have been worse….I am asking for support in having this person charged with any and all charges possible especially endangering a child (or childrens life).

In St. Mary’s County, MD, animal cruelty is a felony. If Woodburn is charged, he would never be allowed to own a firearm again.

Image via Southern Maryland Lost and Found Pets, Facebook