Kate Mara Poised To Become Hollywood’s Newest Breakout Star

Kate Mara chugged away in Hollywood for 15 years going from small role to small role, but the success of the Netflix series House of Cards and a strong slate of upcoming movies has Kate moving into the spotlight and ready to take a big place in Hollywood.

Kate actually has an acting resume that stretches back 17 years, with her first appearance in Law & Order coming when she was just 14. But despite steady work and some roles in highly acclaimed films — including Brokeback Mountain and 127 Hours — Kate Mara was still searching for the role that would allow her to break through.

Kate now seems to have that with House of Cards, where she plays the riqsue newspaper reporter Zoe Barnes.

Mara said working with Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey, who plays Frank Underwood, was quite an experience.

“Most people have this sort of picture of him as – and I sort of did as well before I started working with him – I thought he was going to be very, very serious, and a little intimidating,” Kate confessed. “And that’s not my experience with him at all. He’s hilarious and with all the dramatic stuff we had to do together, he kept it light with me and I always felt really comfortable with him.”

Not it seems Kate Mara is ready to take her fame to an even bigger level. She has two movies in various stages of production, and another on the horizon that could help her break through to a new level of Hollywood stardom.

The 30-year-old actress just signed on to star in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, along with fellow rising Hollywood stars Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, and Jamie Bell.

Mara is picked for the role of Sue Storm (Invisible Girl). The movie is long-awaited in Hollywood after having been in development for the last five years, and is expected to be one of the biggest summer blockbusters in 2015.

While Kate Mara may have made a small name for herself with House of Cards, after the Fantastic Four reboot she’s likely to be a household name.