Ariana Grande Is Almost Ready To Drop The First Song From Her New Album

Ariana Grande is almost ready to share some new music with the masses.

Although the singer was preparing to issue her duet with Chris Brown, the troubled singer’s problematic existence ultimately resulted in his incarceration. The guy will spend the next month or so behind bars, which has understandably thrown a huge wrench into their initial plans.

The fate of “Don’t Be Gone Too Long” still hangs in the balance, but fans won’t have to wait very long for new music from Ariana Grande. According to Nickutopia, the Sam & Cat star intends to drop the first single from her sophomore album “very soon.” Unfortunately, that’s as close as you’re going to get to an official release date as of this writing.

“Just to clarify… ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long’ is delayed for real this time but now you’ll be getting my 1st single off my new album sooner. ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long’ will come out just a little later than expected thank you for understanding. I’ll keep you updated,” Ariana Grande said in a message to her faithful followers.

Manager Scooter Braun also confirmed that the duet was pushed back, though he stopped short of revealing when folks can expect the tune to surface. To keep Ariana Grande fans happy, they’ve decided to move up the release of another single. When all of this will happen is still very much up in the air. To stay up-to-date, stick close to Grande’s Twitter account.

A day after the singers kicked off a countdown for their collaboration, Brown found himself heading to jail for a probation violation. According to MTV News, this sent Ariana Grande and her handlers into damage control mode.

Ariana posted on Twitter:

“sooo…. i have bad news and good news…. but just please keep in mind how much i love you and how i wish more than you do that this wasn’t the case… ok so…. my loves… so obviously some things have changed recently… so we have to delay the dbgtl countdown… some things are out of our control.”

However, these tweets were later deleted. Instead of keeping her fans updated on every little movement involving the song’s release, Grande decided to keep quiet. Chris Brown is due back in court on April 23. However, he has another court date scheduled for April 17 to deal with an alleged assault in Washington D.C.

Are you disappointed that Ariana Grande and Chris Brown’s duet was pushed back?

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