India Cricket Defeats Pakistan In ICC World Twenty20 Opening Match

India defeated Pakistan in the ICC World Twenty20 cricket opener on Friday, gaining an important win for a squad that had struggled as of late.

The Indian cricket team came into the tournament after poor showings in trips to South Africa and New Zealand followed by a disappointing showing in the Asia Cup, in which they also lost to Pakistan.

But on Friday the India cricket team bounced back and got a measure of revenge against its rival, winning by 7 wickets. The final score was Pakistan 130/7 (20/20 ov) and India 131/3 (18.3/20 ov).

The match was not in much question. Though there were some tight moments, India remained in control for the majority of the match and their gamble to employ three specialist spinners worked out perfectly.

“I did some hard work, I’m very happy we won this match,” said Amit Mishra. “I’m always thinking of going for wickets, and building up pressure. MS gave me a lot of support today, the sort of support you need as a bowler.”

The win now gives India a measure of momentum heading into the T20 tournament. The team had looked good in its final warm-up match, a win over England, but with inconsistent performances as of late no one knew what to expect against Pakistan.

India had at least one big supporter. Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, who retired in November, said he was confident his former team could turn it around.

“I have no hesitation in saying we are a talented side and there are some special players in the team. I know that they have not been able to produce the kind of results or rather live up to the expectation of the people, but things can change,” Tendulkar said in Mumbai. “This is the time that I feel the team requires support. When you are winning, you are in a good frame of mind but when you are not winning and when you know a billion people are behind you, with you, the mindset changes immediately. That is the need of the hour.”

India will play its next ICC World Twenty20 cricket match on Sunday against West Indies.