John Lennon’s Urine Riddled Letter To Phil Spector Up For Auction

John Lennon has been dead for decades, but apparently he still has unearthed gems to give crazed Beatles fans. The newest up on the block for auction is a “pee-themed” letter Lennon supposedly wrote to record producer Phil Spector in the 70s.

According to Rolling Stone, Lennon wrote Phil Spector a letter due to Lennon possibly getting evicted from a recording studio. In the letter, Lennon blamed Who drummer Keith Moon and singer Harry Nilsson for peeing on a recording console back in the 70s. This letter, via auctioneer Cooper Owen, is now going up for auction. The letter written by Lennon is titled “A Matter of Pee.”

The period in which this letter was written by John Lennon is considered to be under the “lost weekend” period where Lennon remained visibly “lost for 18-months” and had a relationship with his assistant May Pang while married to the eccentric Yoko Ono. In the letter, Lennon writes in his defense after he was accused of peeing on a recording console.

In the letter, John Letter writes in exclamation:

“Should you not yet know, it was Harry and Keith who pissed on the console!”

Later on, Lennon writes:

“I can’t be expected to mind adult rock stars nor can May, besides she works for me, not A+M! I’m about to piss off to [recording studio] Record Plant because of this crap!”

As the story goes, The Beatles’ frontman then handed the letter off to guitarist Jessie Ed Davis. This “pee-themed” letter is expected to make a buck or two — between $6,600 and $9,900 to be exact. The estate for Davis is also submitting four drawings Lennon created and gave to Jessie Ed Davis. This included a self-portrait, a “sumi ink depiction of a man mediating,” a landscape of mountains and humorous puns, and a yin-yang. The bidding for these assorted items begins on Friday.

This isn’t the first item of John Lennon’s that has been put up for auction. Last month we reported that Lennon’s “nonsense” poem was put up for auction in Wales but left unsold. Even though it was originally expected to sell £6,000, or about $10,000, the “nonsense” poem never sold. It seems like it was meant to be, as Lennon’s friend Michael Poynter Adams never really wanted to sell his item that he obtained while working for a printer that was handling the 1969 production of Lennon’s artwork.

Only time will tell before we know if John Lennon’s urine themed letter will have the same fate.

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