Maggie Q Believes ‘Divergent’ Has Something To Offer Everyone

Maggie Q doesn’t want moviegoers to think of Divergent as just another young adult adaptation. In her opinion, the project has something to offer folks of all ages.

Based on the book by Veronica Roth, director Neil Burger’s flick tells the story of several heroic teenagers who reside in a not-too-distant dystopian society. Although the plot might sound like just another Hunger Games clone, Maggie Q believes the picture is a lot deeper than most people might realize.

The former Nikita star opened up about the film during a recent chat with ScreenRant. During her conversation with the site, Maggie Q said Divergent is much more than a big-budget Hollywood flick designed to separate teens from their disposable cash.

“The future now as it stands in 2014 is dystopian or post-apocalyptic or whatever it is they decide it’s going to be in that film in particular. This one I think deals with heavier themes with what the future looks like. It deals with heavier themes with what the government may look like, about the semblance of control, how are they going to go about it and what their limitation is,” Maggie Q explained.

She added, “And outside of those big themes, really I feel we are just watching an emotional journey about this young girl who is becoming a woman and love and loss and family. There’s a theme for everyone and that’s why I love this film. It’s not a kid’s film. It’s not a young adult film. It’s just a film.”

Once the actress is completely finished promoting the release of Divergent, she’ll begin work on a brand new television series. Entertainment Weekly reports that Maggie Q recently landed a pilot created by Scream writer Kevin Williamson. It seems the actress doesn’t plan to stay away from the small screen for very long.

According to the website, Maggie Q will tackle the role of Detective Beth Davis in the new show. The proposed series will follow the adventures of the LAPD’s Threat Assessment Unit, a division that specifically handles stalker cases. In other words, it gives Maggie Q another excuse to kick some behind.

If you still need more Maggie in your life, then keep your eyes peeled for writer-director Aram Rappaport’s upcoming thriller A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island. The movie, which also stars John Leguizamo and Minnie Driver, should arrive in theaters later this year.

Are you a fan of actress Maggie Q? Do you believe that Divergent is much more than another Hunger Games knock-off? Are you planning to catch the film in theaters this weekend?

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