Buffalo Wild Wings: The 5 Commercials That Remind You Why You Love Watching Sports [Video]

Now that you are watching March Madness, we’re guessing that some of these Buffalo Wild Wings commercials might start to pop up on your TV again. Perhaps there will be some new Buffalo Wild Wings commercials, but even if there aren’t, there are several classics that you might see to remind you why these commercials are so great.

1. Last Wing

If you’ve ever been eating with a group of people at Buffalo Wild Wings and have had to make the decision if you should eat the last chicken wing, then this ad will resonate with you. The commercial takes a comical look at the internal struggle that goes on in one’s mind. We won’t ruin the commercial for you, but this is definitely one of the funniest Buffalo Wild Wings ads.

2. Jersey Tucker

Look, everybody wears jerseys differently. The purpose of this Buffalo Wild Wings ad is to let people know that this is OK. The commercial starts out with one guy in an untucked jersey calling out a guy in a tucked jersey. The “coach” that appears in many Buffalo Wild Wings commercials them appears and helps the two sort out their differences.

3. Bandwagon

Every year there is a new cinderella team during March Madness that everybody falls in love with. Of course, when that happens, the person who is actually an alum of that school feels a need to let everybody know. The guy in the this advertisement is about ready to let bandwagon fans know how he feels, but is talked out of it at the last moment.

4. Sauces

Love to mix and match when you dipping sauces when enjoying wings at Buffalo Wild Wings? If yes, you are probably an annoyance to somebody close to you. Take this ad as a public service announcement that if you are that guy, stop it.

5. Captain

Do you freeze up when it comes time for you to make choice from the menu at Buffalo Wild Wings? Do you choke even more if you are actually being asked to make a decision for a group? This Buffalo Wild Wings ad shows that you can overcome that apprehensiveness and become a master orderer.

Image via Buffalo Wild Wings