Breast Cancer Survivor Must Remove Pink Ribbon, Says HOA

A breast cancer survivor named Linda Karp says her home owners association has ordered her to take down the pink ribbon she proudly displays in her doorway.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the breast cancer pink ribbon creator Eveyln Lauder died back in 2011, but her creation has lived on and inspired hope in many women.

When Linda received the letter from her HOA announcing the decision she was livid:

“Oh I’m very angry… These people are being outrageously unkind. The pink ribbon represents awareness. I’m not offending anyone. My neighbors are all supportive of breast cancer I don’t know why their not. It’s on the inside of my entry-way.”

Despite living in the community for three years, Karp was not given any leeway. When reporters asked the HOA about their reason for upsetting the breast cancer survivor they only responded by handing out documents supposedly showing the rules she was violating.

“In order to maintain an attractive community no sign, advertisement or poster shall be exhibited, displayed, inscribed, painted or affixed in, on or upon any part of the properties by the owner.

But reports claim the documents say nothing about her specific, nor mention whether it’s against the rules to hang up objects within the enclosed space near the doorway.

Linda Karp is still fighting cancer and she says she’ll keep fighting the HOA on this decision, as well. She claims the home owners association leaders have been making “bullying” remarks in passing.

“I want them to leave me alone. It’s a pink ribbon… I’m not removing it.”

Do you think a home owners association should be able to tell a breast cancer survivor to remove a pink ribbon even when it’s enclosed within a person’s own home?