Ray Jasper’s Life, Crimes And Execution…Why Do I Care? Why Should You?

I published a piece on Ray Jasper’s execution yesterday, mainly from the perspective of his victim’s family. Inquisitr received an e-mail on this topic, accusing me, mainly, of reporting false information. There was nothing in the article that was not supported by the testimony given in court; it is my thought that many agree with the defense that Ray Jasper used, to no avail, to avoid conviction and execution. I was discussing this with my co-workers, as this op-ed article has been brewing in my head since I read the e-mail in question. While doing so, one of my co-workers, who is opposed to the death penalty, asked me, quite angrily “Why do you care?” and changed the direction of this op-ed in a heartbeat.

I care, good sir, for the same reason every parent should care about Ray Jasper’s crimes and subsequent conviction: his victim could have easily been MY child, your child. My husband and I have one child, a son. We have raised him to work hard, to do well in school, and to be prosperous, much as I would imagine David Alejandro’s parents raised him. We have raised our son, with the help of his beloved Nana, to be a good Christian, to help others when he can; again, much as it is obvious that David Alejandro’s parents raised him. Before he was murdered, David Alejandro operated a music studio, and allowed aspiring artists, Ray Jasper included, to use his studio. It was this generosity that allowed Ray Jasper access to his victim. I care, good sir, because my son is a good Christian, and given the same circumstances, I can see my son allowing Ray Jasper into his place of business, never suspecting that Jasper had a kitchen knife, and intentions that did not include a recording session.

Ray Jasper has admitted, on numerous occasions, that he planned the robbery that ended in Alejandro’s death. He has further admitted, in court, to slitting Alejandro’s throat. What Ray Jasper would not admit, even as he realized that his appeals would not be granted, that he was indeed facing his own death, was that he murdered David Alejandro. His defense, that I find appalling, is that the Medical Examiner determined that it was technically the stab wounds, inflicted by Jasper’s co-defendants, Steve Russell and Douglas Williams, that killed David Alejandro. I do not have words sufficient to describe how that defense sickens me. That in this country, we have brought forth such an entitled, immoral child and that he grew into a man that could slit another’s throat for want of money, all the while maintaining his innocence, offends me, and should offend every citizen of this country.

Did Ray Jasper look at David Alejandro and see an amazing young man who had worked hard for all he had, a young man to be emulated? No. Ray Jasper looked at David Alejandro and saw easy money. Ray Jasper saw what David Alejandro had, and wanted it for himself. Ray Jasper didn’t get a job, and work hard. Ray Jasper got a knife, and went into that music studio meaning to do David Alejandro bodily harm. Even when caught, with evidence that was undisputed, with testimony from the mother of his child stating that the ‘robbery’ had been planned for weeks prior to the event, did Jasper plead guilty to spare his victim’s family the torture of a trial? No; Ray Jasper had high powered, high priced attorneys who tried to paint Ray Jasper as a victim, in hopes that the jury, and the country, would forget the true victim here.

I care, good sir, because once upon a time, David Alejandro’ s mother held her newborn son, and dreamed of his future. A future that was ended by Ray Jasper. I care, good sir, because, once upon a time, David Alejandro’s mother watched her son take his first steps in life. A life that was cut short at age 33, by the actions of Ray Jasper.I suppose the same could be said of Ray Jasper’s mother; I very much doubt that she ever imagined her son strapped to a gurney in an execution chamber. The difference between the two sons? David Alejandro was murdered. Ray Jasper took his own life; Jasper’s life was over on a November night in 1998; the same night that Ray Jasper murdered David Alejandro.

[Photo By TOM REEL/San Antonio Express-News]