Video Of Stone Dry Zin River In Israel Filling With Water Goes Viral [Video]

A videographer in Israel has managed to capture a remarkable event on his camera. In this video uploaded to YouTube on March 14, 2014, a stone dry bed of the River Zin in a desert in Israel is shown filling up with a stream of gushing water to the amazement of the locals gathered there. The video has since then gone viral with it approaching over 150,000 views already.

The river Zin drains into the Dead Sea and has been stone dry for years owing to a prolonged drought in the region, reports Yahoo. It runs through the Zegev desert in Israel and is also known locally as the Nahal Zin. It is 75 miles long and runs through southern part of Israel. While it is technically a river, for the past few years, there was no water flowing through it. The arid conditions in the area it is located – combined with scanty rainfall over the past few years ensured that the river saw no water flow at all for quite some time now.

That however changed last week when Israel did get some rainfall and the source of the river was filled to the brim with no place left for the water to go but to flow downstream. The locals in this area, who are reported to have an uncanny ability to know when the river is going to be filled again, gathered near its banks to witness the spectacle. One of them had a camera and a YouTube account as well and the above video is the one he managed to capture.

You can notice how excited the people assembled near the dry riverbed are when they see the water gushing through from a distance. Even a local dog seems to be loving all the action – although he did risk his life for a brief period by walking straight into the path of the oncoming water flow.

The water soon reaches a small ledge and falls over it creating a mini waterfall – as people cheer.

The person who uploaded the video has detailed the re-emergence by saying that it was an “unforgettable and amazing experience”. Please turn the volume down on your systems before watching the video. The approaching Zin river as you would realize, is really vocal and about her arrival!

Have you witnessed any similar natural phenomenon comparable to the feat of The Zin river in Israel? Do let us know!

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]