MLB Trade Rumors: Rollins exit looking less likely; Sox, Mets, Cards looking for moves

The recent MLB trade rumors that have suggested longtime Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins could be headed away from the team that drafted him in 1996 have been losing steam since they were first introduced by ESPN’s Buster Olney on Tuesday.

The key is that Rollins somewhat controls his own destiny: Due to his tenure in the league, he has the ability to veto any trade, according to an report. In the same article, Phillies general manager called the rumors “silliness.”

“Absolute silliness…. Jimmy Rollins is our shortstop. One of the ways we’re going to be able to win is with Jimmy being Jimmy. … We have no intention of moving Jimmy. We need Jimmy to play for us to win. It’s as simple as that.” Insider AJ Mass wrote earlier Thursday that the Rollins trade rumors have taken another hit. One major point behind the idea that the Phillies want Jimmy out is the impending emergence of youngster Freddy Galvis as the team’s future at the position.

Rollins’ $11 million 2015 option will vest if he gets 434 plate appearances this year. One rumor, Mass writes, is that Philadelphia might rest him “liberally” to avoid being “stuck” with the MLB veteran for another year.

Earlier in the week, it appeared that Rollins could have been headed to New York to replace Derek Jeter, The Inquisitr wrote Wednesday.

With the MLB season just days away, trade rumors are floating out from a number of teams.

The St. Louis Cardinals have made young shortstop Pete Kozma available, and the Mets may be interested, ESPN’s Adam Rubin Tweeted Wednesday.

World Series Champion Boston Red Sox are also apparently trying to trade back-up catcher Ryan Lavarnway, according to this Inquisitr report. The Sox could also be looking to trade one of their outfielders, as they now have Grady Sizemore, Jonny Gomes, Shane Victorino, Daniel Nava, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Mike Carp on the roster.

The New York Mets could also make a trade, and they may be looking for a shortstop, according to this ESPN Insider report. The Mets are reportedly interested in the Cardinals’ Pete Kozma (see above), as well as Mariners’ second baseman Nick Franklin. The Arizona Diamondbacks also have shortstops in Didi Gregorius and Chris Owings who may be available. Whatever the end result, it appears that rumors of Mets deals could come to fruition shortly.

The first pitch for the 2014 MLB season is actually set for 4 a.m. ET on March 22, as the Dodgers and Diamondbacks face off from Sydney, Australia.

What other MLB trade rumors might we see between now and then? What hole does your favorite team have that could be filled through a trade?