Prepperfest: Prepper Expo Season Kicks Off With All-Star Event In Arizona

Prepperfest is one of the largest self-reliance expos taking place during Spring 2014. The prepper expo boasts a multitude of off the grid living, homesteading, field medicine, and preparedness experts. The event takes place March 21 to 23 at the Arizona State Fairgrounds.

The prepper expo is truly a family affair, with a petting zoo and child-centered self-reliance activities planned throughout the weekend. Several dozen all-star presenters will be on hand offering both seminars and hands-on preparedness training courses. One of the major highlights of Prepperfest is Doc Bones and Nurse Amy’s medical suturing class.

Excerpt from Prepperfest event notice:

“Prepperfest AZ Expo is committed to expanding your self-reliance knowledge by offering you an all-star cadre of Self-Reliance, Constitution Rights and Healthy Living speakers for your enjoyment.”

Prepperfest Speakers

Rick Austin – The bestselling author of Secret Garden of Survival – How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forest, is known in the preparedness community as the Survivalist Gardener. Rick also recently released Secret Greenhouse of Survival, a book which teaches readers how to expand their growing season by creating a camouflaged greenhouse. “What are you, your family, and your livestock going to eat when your long term food stores run out? How will you replenish a year’s food storage, and then feed yourself each and every year after that? And how do you keep others from stealing it? Come find out how to create your own Secret Garden of Survival- a Camouflaged Food-Forest that provides food for 30 years, takes very little space, rows five times more food per square foot than other gardens and that you never have to weed, never have to use fertilizers, and never have to use pesticide – ever. All disguised to look like overgrown underbrush!”

Survivor Jane – The city-girl turned prepper chick phenom will also be presenting at the Prepperfest in Arizona. Survivor Jane is the creator of the viral #preppertalk hashtag on Twitter and recently released her new book, Where There is No Cosmetic Counter: How not to look like a Zombie- Even After the End of the World as You Know It. Survivor Jane is a woman on a mission. She is focused on educating others about self-reliance in an “easy to understand girl-talk” style.

Marjory Wildcraft – Like Rick and Jane, Marjory is a regularly featured guest on radio and television shows. She has written multiple popular books and created the equally well-received Grow Your Own Groceries video series.

Joel SkousenSkousen is renowned as the ultimate bug out location finder and authored Strategic Location and The Secure Home.

David Blume – Blume is the author of Alcohol Can Be A Gas, a popular book about fuel alcohol. David is often regarded at the foremost expert on the subject and will be enrolling prepper expo patrons in a legal distilling ethanol for fuel course during the event.

Stewart Rhodes – Rhodes is the founder of Oath Keepers and will be teaching Prepperfest attendees about the Constitution and how to protect the rights guaranteed by the nation’s blueprint created by the Founding Fathers.

Dr. Bone and Nurse Amy – the duo are nationally renowned for their wilderness medical seminars and courses. Joe and Amy Alton wrote the Amazon bestseller, The Survival Medicine Handbook. The Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy course at the Arizona prepper expo will teach those who enroll “suturing and stapling techniques using a pig’s foot as a template. The class is accompanied by an in-depth presentation on comprehensive wound care, different closure methods, and, most importantly, when NOT to close a wound. You will receive all materials for the class and get to keep your three instruments, drapes, a laminated picture instruction card on how to suture, and an extra nylon suture to practice with at home. There is only one class on Saturday at 2pm and will last 2 1/2 hours. The class is offered for $75 per student and has a limited number of available slots.”

Doctor Prepper – Doc is likely the most enigmatic “senior citizen” you will ever have the privilege to meet. James Talmage Stevens is the author of Making the Best of the Basics – The Family Preparedness Handbook, one of the highest grossing self-reliance books ever published. Steves, A.K.A. Doctor Prepper, is also the founder of the Preparedness Radio Network, the top website or self-reliance podcasts.

Sheriff Richard Mark – The sheriff is the founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) and a good friend of Stewart Rhodes. The two often network with public servants at various levels of government to garner support for reaffirming the oaths taken to uphold the Constitution.

Jim Kennard – Kennard was a student of Dr. Jacob Mittleider’s gardening system in 1978. Kennard spent 20 years both studying and assisting Dr. Mittleider on growing projects. In 1998 the mentor turned his materials over to the student and challenged him to advance the scope of family self-reliance through vegetable gardening. Kennard launched the Food for Everyone Foundation to accomplish the worthy goal.

Shane Krauser – Krauser is the American Academy for Constitutional Education director, an adjunct professor of Constitutional and criminal laws, a NRA firearms instructor, and a former prosecutor. Krause is the author of Your Nation to Save and a KFNX 1100 Am radio show host.

Rachel Linden – Linden is the founder of GMO Free AZ and is an outspoken and highly regarded experts on the dangers posed by GMOs. She will speak not only about the health and environmental threats of genetically modified crops, but about how former Monsanto executives have infiltrated every major government and judicial agency, many holding high-ranking positions.

Rob Hanus – Hanus is the author of The Preparedness Capability Checklist and Surviving EMP. Hanus instructs others on a variety or preparedness topics and how current events impact our daily lves. Rob is also manages Prepper News Watch.

Steve Kates – Steve is a KFNX talk show host, and an ardent advocate for protecting and preserving our Constitutional rights. Steve is a certified firearms instructor.

Stephanie Peterson – A.K.A. Chef Tess Bakeresse “Peterson of Honeyville Farms is the resident chef on virtually every major network TV affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona. Tess is a wonderfully bubbly instructor that makes learning her cooking secrets truly an enjoyable experience. She will be teaching a bread making class and her popular “meals in a jar” concept where she teaches students how to pre-measure all the ingredients for a meal into a mason jar.”

Alan Korwin – “Internationally recognized author of over a dozen books on gun rights and gun ownership. Alan is a fierce defender of gun rights, currently in litigation with the City of Phoenix over their removing his popular “Guns Save Lives” ads on city buses.”

Jeff Smith – “Smith’s extensive background in the military and his passion for self-reliance instruction make him a highly respected prepper educator. Jeff offers over 50 courses with his Desert Ops Training school with classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced self-reliance instruction. Jeff is working with Tony Tangalos to launch The Prepper Games in the summer of 2014, where preppers can compete for exciting prizes and everyone receives an extraordinary self-reliance education.”

Tony Nester – “Director of the Ancient Pathways Survival School in Flagstaff, AZ. He has instructed survival courses for the National Transportation & Safety Board, US Marshals, National Weather Service, and Military Special Operations units throughout the world. Tony has also provided survival training for actors Josh Brolin and Emile Hirsch and served as consultant for the film Into the Wild and the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods. He has been featured on NBC News, the Discovery Channel, Maxim Magazine, the New York Times, and Outside. In addition to extensive experience in wilderness survival, Tony has a BA in Anthropology and is an Emergency Medical Tech (EMT-B). He is the author of seven books and several DVDs on survival and bushcraft.”

Charles H. Coppes – “Coppes has been a licensed securities and precious metals broker with national firms and currently serves as president of IDP Consulting Group, LLC. His firm can assist clients with pension fund rollovers, commercial storage and physical delivery of precious metals. He is also the author of America’s Financial Reckoning Day that provides an intriguing background of monetary history, central banking, macroeconomics and geopolitics that is shaping our world today along with helpful advice for contrarian investors. His Monetary & World Affairs Briefing is an insightful PowerPoint presentation to gain situational awareness and avoid the matrix of the normalcy bias to better protect yourself and your loved ones in times of economic or political crisis. Chuck is a frequent guest on national and local radio programs and resides in the high country of northern Arizona.”

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