Wheel of Fortune Lucky Guess Stuns Even Pat Sajak

Wheel of Fortune is just one of those shows that you either are really good at, or you just plain stink at. Well, one contestant named Emil proved that he’s just one of those lucky few who are really good.

All Emil had to go from for his bonus round was that they were talking about a “thing”, it was three words, “three letters, four letters and five letters” according to the Huffington Post, and that it started with the letters “NE”.

Take your best shot at what this “thing” may be. No, seriously, give it your best college try and then check out this clip from Wednesday night:

Stroke… of… brilliance! In the clip, viewers can hear Pat Sajak telling the young Wheel of Fortune contestant that this is a “tough one.”

“Now you’re a very good puzzle solver, but I don’t know… You have 10 seconds. Keep talking, maybe the right thing will pop out! Good luck,” Sajak tells Emil.

It’s clear the Wheel of Fortune host has very little faith that the contestant will actually solve this puzzle. Heck, I had little faith, but Emil takes a lucky guess and the first thing out of his mouth just so happens to be the right answer.

“New Baby Buggy” was that three word “thing” that Emil was looking for, and he just so happened to spit it out on his first guess. The shock on Emil’s face was priceless, but nothing compared to the shock on the Wheel of Fortune host’s face. Sajak was so shocked he can be seen looking at the camera with a sense of doubt before he turns to Emil and frisks him to make sure he has nothing on him that could have given him the answer.

According to The Blaze, Emil’s lucky guess on the show Wheel of Fortune left him with a pocket full of money, $45,000 to be exact. Just check out what the twitter world had to say about this amazing guess on Wednesday night’s Wheel of Fortune:

What do you think of this crazy guess on Wheel of Fortune?

[Image via Wheel of Fortune’s Youtube]