MLB Trade Rumors: Jimmy Rollins Replace Derek Jeter In New York?

MLB trade rumors are always a part of spring training as teams figure out what their future season looks like. But the latest MLB trade rumors involve a potential blockbuster involving Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins. According to Buster Olney of ESPN, rumors of recent problems between Jimmy Rollins and manager Ryne Sandberg has Rollins on his way out.

As the aging Phillies have struggled the last two seasons in a competitive NL East, the team has needed to make some changes fast. Original MLB trade rumors began to spring up regarding Rollins when bench coach Larry Bowa challenged the heart and work ethic of the all-star shortstop. Most rumors centered around sending the 14 year veteran to the Detroit Tigers. There is one major problem, however. Rollins owns a no trade clause and is not likely to waive it.

Rollins, 35, is owed $11 million this season, and his contract will become guaranteed for another $11 million in 2015 if he reaches 434 plate appearances this season. Last season, Rollins made 600 plate appearances in 160 games. Although his durability appears to be fine, his attitude and hitting are definitely in a slump. Jimmy Rollins is down in almost every major offensive category and the Phillies have young shortstop Freddy Galvis waiting in the wings.

But barring a miserable season, Rollins does not plan on giving in to the MLB trade rumors. Rollins told CSNPhilly about the trade rumors, “If we’re in absolutely last place with nowhere to go and change is obviously on the horizon, then at that point I’d think about it. But anything short of a complete disaster, I’m wearing red and white pinstripes.” Rollins has made no mistake that his desire to stay in Philadelphia is about chasing the team’s hits record.

One trade that has been suggested is a move to send Jimmy Rollins to the New York Yankees in return for Ichiro Suzuki. As an older player with a bloated contract, it will be hard to find a team willing to take on his salary. The New York Yankees are known for taking on high priced contracts that may or may not work out. Of course, Rollins would basically be insurance for Derek Jeter, who is on his farewell retirement tour this season. Injuries have plagued the Yankee shortstop recently and Jimmy Rollins would be a veteran player who could fill his slot when Jeter can’t go.

Chances are not good that the MLB trade rumors surrounding Jimmy Rollins will pan out. The Phillies realize they do need to do something, however, as they need to head in a new direction.

[Image via Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press]