Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez: False ‘Intervention’ & ‘Joint Tour’ Reports Slammed

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s apparent reunion sparks yet more conflicting tabloid reports.

Diving straight in, Life & Style magazine claim Gomez’s family are preparing to stage an “intervention” over fears that the 21-year-old is “back at square one” after reuniting with Bieber so soon after her January rehab stint in Arizona.

A purported “source” also claims the starlet’s mother and stepfather want the intervention to happen “as soon as possible,” and alleges they want to “get her into rehab immediately” and keep her there “until she’s secure enough to make good decisions.”

It’s all very melodramatic and makes for a good read if you’re clinically brain-dead, but as it turns out the claim is false.

Gossip Cop – a media outlet that actually does have sources in celebrity circles – reports a Gomez insider confirms “no intervention” is in the works, while noting the starlet is “doing well” since leaving rehab.

IQ readers may remember Life & Style’s previous Bieber-Gomez “exclusive” claiming that Gomez once thought Bieber had given her an STD.

The ‘report’ featured one unnamed source, a confused timeline and nothing else.

Oddly, no explanation as to why Gomez was spotted riding a Segway and posing for an amicable Instagram with Bieber back in January before their recent reconciliation, has ever materialized from the tabloid — given their alleged STD claim.

The next gem comes courtesy of Star who claim Bieber and the Spring Breakers actress are “now planning a joint tour.”

The outlet continues: “But this is about more than spending quality time together. The duo hope that hitting the road will repair their battered images.”

A so-called ‘insider’ trills, “Ticket sales would be through the roof, and they desperately need the positive publicity after Justin’s bad-boy behavior and Selena’s stint in rehab.”

Back in November 2012 when Bieber and Gomez first split after dating for two years, Star mistakenly pointed fingers at the Disney alum and accused her of cheating. The magazine also published an “exclusive” on the second bogus paternity claim against Bieber last May.

Of course, it’s quite possible Star took the news that Bieber recently played a gathering of Toronto fans a duet titled “Unfamiliar” which he is said to have recorded with Gomez, put two and two together and somehow came up with 999.

But it seems to have escaped Star’s attention that Bieber has just come off a 157-date tour and both he and Gomez are solo artists.

Gossip Cop step in yet again with a bona fide source statement that the joint tour claim is “100 percent untrue.”

It’s unfortunate Bieber and Gomez are constantly dragged into meritless tabloid stories.

The latest “Pregnant with twins” complete with wrongly attributed sonogram — a case in point.

As ever IQ advises readers to always consider the source.