Justin Bieber Reportedly Offered Plea Deal In Egging Case [Report]

Justin Bieber has reportedly been offered a plea deal in the egging vandalism investigation being reviewed by the Los Angeles District Attorney.

Bieber was accused by his estranged neighbor, Jeffrey Schwartz, of egging his multi-million dollar house in the singer's former Calabasas, California, neighborhood in a bizarre January 9 incident.

Citing unnamed sources connected to the case, TMZ report Bieber will still be charged with misdemeanor vandalism but the case will likely never go to trial.

According to the gossip site, the District Attorney's office have contacted Bieber's attorney, Howard Weitzman, to discuss restitution for the $20,00 damages the neighbor estimated the singer allegedly caused in the egg-assault on his home.

Sources told the website the prosecutor will accept a plea deal that will see Bieber avoid jail time if he and his legal team pay damages, accept informal probation, and plead no contest to misdemeanor vandalism.

It's reported the Sheriff's department - which initially investigated the egging and carried out a January 14 police raid on Bieber's former Calabasas mansion led by Lt. David Thompson - aren't happy with a plea deal solution and want Bieber charged with a felony because they believe the singer's alleged actions were intentional and caused significant damage.

TMZ sources say the District Attorney does not believe Bieber's alleged antics rise to the level of a felony.

However, CNN reports Bieber's lawyers met with prosecutors Tuesday to try and persuade them not to charge the singer with a felony, which suggests a plea deal is not certain if the D.A. is willing to go beyond a misdemeanor charge.

Back in January, TMZ posted an amateur video purportedly filmed from inside the Schwartz home during the egging.

Although mostly dark and shaky, audio revealed Jeffrey Schwartz and an unseen male --- allegedly Bieber --- trading F-bombs as eggs continued to rain.

Earlier this month it was reported Bieber sold his $6.5 million Calabasas mansion to Reality-TV star Khloe Kardashian for $7.2 million, and later sold adjoining plot of land to a separate buyer for $2.775 million.

According to reports, the singer's skateboard ramp, video games and fast cars have been removed from his former home.

The singer has been renting out the "spaceship-styled" mansion of Grammy award winning record producer Dallas Austin in Atlanta, Georgia, since February, but was spotted leaving a Toronto recording studio on Tuesday, March 18 and is thought to be staying with his father, Jeremy, in Canada.

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