Nicki Minaj Is The One Of The World’s Best Rappers, Says Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj is one of the best rapper’s on the planet, according to Young Money Entertainment CEO Lil Wayne.

Although Weezy is possibly a little biased — after all, Minaj is currently signed to his label — this didn’t stop the guy from singing her praises. Instead of simply labeling Nicki as one of the best female rappers on the planet, Wayne took his adoration one step further. According to him, she’s one of the best rappers in the entire world regardless of gender.

“I am not going to be jumping out here talking about, ‘I’m the best,'” he explained during a recent interview.

In addition to sharing a controversial opinion about Nicki Minaj, he took a moment to discuss his thoughts and feelings about Kendrick Lamar. Lil Wayne believes that there’s nobody out there right now putting together the sort of music Lamar crafts on a regular basis.

“Ain’t nobody touch that dude,” Weezy explained.

Minaj has yet to comment on Lil Wayne’s kind words as of this writing. This is probably because she’s way too busy dealing with the aftermath of the recent earthquake in Los Angeles. According to the rapper, all the time she spent in New York City didn’t adequately prepare her for this sort of jarring adventure.

“This earthquake just made me re-evaluate my entire life. I swear it felt like the entire house was picked up n thrown down the block,” Nicki told her fans on Twitter.

Fortunately, Nicki Minaj survived her experience in L.A. to rap another day. She’s presently hard at work on another album, her first full-length endeavor since the 2012 effort Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. However, it’s still unclear when Minaj intends to drop the new songs on the masses.

In the meantime, fans should keep their eyes peeled for the “Senile” music video. The track is from the Young Money compilation Rise of an Empire. To prepare everyone for the clip, Nicki shared photos from her video shoot on Instagram. You can find a few of these pics in the space below.

Are you a fan of Nicki Minaj? Do you agree with Lil Wayne that she’s one of the best rappers this world currently has to offer?

[Image via Creative Fan]