‘USF4’ Fifth Character A Let-Down: Is Capcom Officially Out Of Original Ideas?

The fifth character in USF4 was a noticeable letdown for most series veterans. When Capcom finally revealed Decapre this past weekend, the internet was flooded with comments about how she was a “Cammy clone.”

While some held out that Decapre was indeed an original character, pointing out the outfit and new moves that she apparently took from the infamous M. Bison himself (Vega in Japan), most of us saw the trailer and gave up hope. We had been teased for months about USF4‘s fifth character added after the return of Rolento, Elena, Poison, and Hugo from previous games. We were promised a new character we’d never seen before, and Decapre ended up being almost exactly like Cammy (originally in Super Street Fighter 2) with a few extra moves. Technically she is considered one of Bison’s “dolls,” but anyone who has seen the Street Fighter 2 animated movie knows that Cammy herself was one of Bison’s first “dolls.”

Decapre has Cammy’s ponytail and gloves, even if her face seems to be clad in leather. Cammy’s drill kick is still there, as well as her uppercut-style cannon spike. The only difference we’ve seen is a couple of Psycho Power attacks and the leather mask.

After a recent wave of DLC for other games, HD remakes of classic NES titles such as Duck Tales, and nothing really new, it appears that the creative minds who created the “new challengers” in SSF2 have long gone. They literally put more creative effort into their recent crossover games such as Street Fighter X Tekken than anything original. DmC: Devil May Cry even ended up a joke when Dante turned out to be a redesign, upsetting long time fans.

With the disappointment surrounding Decapre’s reveal, Ultra Street Fighter 4 appears to be the biggest ripoff in years, rivaling the existence of Street Fighter EX. We are better off sticking with our copies of Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition and saving the money we would end up spending for the USF4 fifth character and the reveal of practically nothing new.

Do you think Ultra Street Fighter 4‘s fifth character Decapre is a huge let-down, or are you optimistic that she might end up original when submitted to actual gameplay?