Zayn Malik Fans Are Stupid Little Haters, Says Little Mix Singer Jesy Nelson

Zayn Malik has more than a few stupid little fans, according to Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson. Not all of them of are brainless, mind but, but a large portion of them qualify for the title.

If you want to get the undivided attention of One Direction fans, all you have to do is insult them. Nelson recently picked a fight with those who favor Malik after a few vocal supporters decided to insult Perrie Edwards on social media. Since the Little Mix singers stick together, they apparently don’t have a problem calling these people out.

According to the folks over at Metro, the problem with Zayn Malik fans began when some of them started insulting his fiancé Perrie Edwards. Instead of sitting idly by while these people said all sorts of nasty things about their friend, Nelson decided to wade into the fray with guns blazing.

“Can I just say, all the people hating are just stupid little Zayn Malik fans. They’re hating because they want to be with Zayn,” Nelson explained. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for her to face the wrath of Malik fans online.

Edwards, meanwhile, was a bit more diplomatic. If she’s deeply heartbroken about the situation, then she does a fantastic job of keeping those emotions under control.

“I say, ‘Shut up,’ I’m an English Rose, thank you very much. I’m not going to dye my skin orange — I’m working too hard taking America by storm to fake tan,” Edwards explained.

Mstars explains that Edwards tried to nip the backlash from Zayn Malik fans in the bud shortly after her fellow Little Mix singer made the comments. After all, the last thing she wants is for One Direction fans to hate her with an undying passion.

Perrie explained:

“Basically, us four girls, we’re absolute best friends and we always have each other’s backs. If any of us feel like one of us is getting digged at or getting nasty comments, we will always stick up for each other. She just meant that people hating who are Zayn fans are being stupid… she did not mean every single Zayn fan — that would be daft! It was basically a massive misunderstanding.”

Naturally, some people aren’t so willing to forgive and forget.

i had so much respect for jesy nelson but after that 'stupid zayn malik fans' remark my respect has certainly gone down for her

— grace (@antarcticnarry) March 12, 2014

Are you a fan of Zayn Malik? Were you offended by Nelson’s recent comment?

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