‘InFamous: Second Son’ Gameplay Depends On Whether You’re Good Or Evil

In the midst of inFamous: Second Son gameplay, the success rate for your actions depends on whether you’re playing for good or evil. Evil players have to be fast and mow enemies down to succeed, while good players will need to take their time and be much more precise.

Once hailed as the PlayStation exclusive equivalent of Prototype, it seems the once-linear gameplay has evolved to become what PlayStation 4 gamers can call their own. Prototype was always about a reluctant hero who had to do evil things to figure out what went wrong and how he could make things right. InFamous was similar, except for the need to absorb powers through the things around you.

Where inFamous: Second Son differs the most now is not just the setting (New York City vs Seattle), but how you choose to use your Karma. Karma is an aspect that makes your powers stronger and helps you unleash devastating attacks if you build it up enough. This gives it a distinct “fighting game vs stealth” feel which isn’t often used in open world games.

Using the good side of inFamous: Second Son gameplay means you will need to take your time and aim with more precision. Killing makes your Karma suffer, while disabling your enemies builds it. The more accurate and non-lethal you are with your attacks, the more likely you will see the moves that make you… infamous.

Being evil rewards you for basically wiping out enemies as quickly as possible, chaining them into psychotic kill streaks. This will most likely be the more popular way to play the game, emphasizing on arcade-style reflexes and just being bad. You have to make at least one kill every ten seconds or your Karma streak goes back to zero.

Either way you play it, the latest inFamous is focused on letting you enjoy your powers, while maintaining a similar style throughout. Sony’s Phil Rosenberg agrees it will be one of the best looking PS4 exclusive titles to date, though until we see the inFamous: Second Son release date of March 21, we can’t really be sure.

Which type of inFamous: Second Son gameplay will you choose?

[image via gamespot]