‘inFamous: Second Son’ Gamescon 2013 Trailer Drops [Video]

inFamous: Second Son has just landed another trailer from Gamescon 2013.

Sucker Punch is closing in on the release of their next followup after inFamous II in which Cole MacGrath successfully destroyed the Ray Field Inhibitor. The explosion didn’t take out John White though, nor did it stop the conduits from returning. This is where the next game begins.

This time around, a graffiti artist with no real ambitions in life turns out to be another conduit after trying to save a fellow conduit following a bus crash. Deslin Rowe soon finds himself at odds with the government and its DUP program (Department of Unified Protection) and dedicates himself to taking them down using his newfound powers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, inFamous: Second Son’s protagonist Deslin Rowe starts out with the ability to channel smoke into various powers such as teleportation, fire, and flight.

The new trailer for inFamous: Second Son begins with a lady on camera introducing herself, “My name is Abigail Walker, but my friends and enemies call me Fetch. I’ve never hurt an innocent person in my life.” After she says this, she apparently jabs her hand into the chest of some guy wearing a red baseball cap.

Then we see the Sucker Punch logo.

The camera pans down along the Seattle Space Needle as someone on the radio says, “Hey Redge, that conduit struck again. Gotta stroll through this security checkpoint first, and I’ll scope it out.” It turns out that an area near the Space Needle has been cordoned off for security reasons and the military is ensuring that the area is clean.

Then we see the grinning mug of Deslin Rowe as he touches a screen and instantly sets off the alarm. Men with guns close in on him and he mutters, “Best two out of three?” He proceeds to use smoke to teleport his way through the men and we then see some combat scenes of him whipping through an army. He runs up the side of a building and joins Fetch as they fall through a skylight. By the end of the trailer, he absorbs her ability to conduct electricity.

What do you think of the Gamescon 2013 trailer for inFamous: Second Son?

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