‘Fighter Within’ First Trailer Debuts At Gamescon 2013 [Video]

Fighter Within landed its first trailer at Gamescon 2013.

Xbox One will be launching in a few months with its new and improved Kinect peripheral, which as reported by The Inquisitr is not necessary but still included in all bundles. One of the games being made specifically for it is Fighter Within, which could be the next evolution of fighting games if it takes off.

What Fighter Within does is it reads your body and converts it to the fighter you selected to represent you in the game, and you end up fighting opponents with actual physical movements instead of being stuck wrapping your sweaty hands around a controller or threatening to break a joystick in an adrenaline-fueled feat of strength.

You will literally fight your friends in a virtual arena. This game could easily be a nice workout routine for those who want to take out their frustrations.

The Gamescon 2013 trailer for Fighter Within begins with a dreadlocked man in a hoodie walking up to the camera with a workout bag and peeling the hood back. He then laces up his shoes, and we then cut to a man with a close-cut hairstyle and a plain white shirt. He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand as he glares at the camera.

A voice-over begins, “I can call the shots. Not let him catch his breath. I have to read his game. I never take my eyes off my opponent. This round is mine. I’m untouchable. I am a fighter.”

As the narration runs, we see others prepare for the fight in their own ways. A woman takes off her shoes, a man in a dress shirt rolls up his sleeves, the first two men do some stretches, and the first man cracks his knuckles. On the last sentence, the game fighter appears to overlap one of the men.

Then we see the game characters start fighting each other as they mirror what the real people are doing. One man wins and looks cocky, only to get challenged by the woman.

What do you think of the first trailer for Fighter Within from Gamescon 2013?

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