June 16, 2013
Skype Confirms: iPad App On The Way

Skype design VP Rick Osterloh has confirmed that the development of a Skype app for iPad is in the works. He also confirmed that nearly every single feature found on the desktop version will be offered including full video chat support, voice and text.

The big missing feature? File sharing, which is due to Apple not offering an exposed file system on their current iPad devices.

At this time the app has been testing for "a few months" and is expected to launch on June 28 although that date was not confirmed, currently the iPad app is in "private beta testing."

Interestingly enough Skype says they have not received any obstacles from Apple, despite the fact that their own technology puts them in direct competition with Apple's own "FaceTime" offering.

According to Electronista, Osterloh would also not answer questions as to whether Skype will eventually be baked into future iOS versions.