Millie Brown Vomits On Lady Gaga In Video, But Who Is This Artist?

Millie Brown is the name of an artist who puked on Lady Gaga… on purpose, of course. While the antics of Mother Monster are infamous, can this new stunt even be called art or is she just being the shock jock of the music world?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Lady Gaga brought the so-called vomit painter for a Doritos-sponsored event at SXSW. Considering the circumstances, you might have expected the bile to have been Doritos orange but instead it was a bright neon green. (Yuck, now we know where Nickelodeon slime comes from?)

Just who is the vomit artist known as Millie Brown? Lady Gaga has actually featured her work in the past, including the infamous Exorcist Interlude video. But typically Millie vomits onto a canvas and not onto another person.

Brown says she grew tired of the standard ways of painting. So she invented a new unorthodox painting technique that attempts to recreate the paint splatter patterns of Jackson Pollock in an entirely new fashion. This so-called vomit painting involves drinking brightly dyed soy milk only to stick her fingers down her throat in order to regurgitate the contents of her stomach onto a canvas. She also creates mixtures of colors by swallowing different colors at various times.

You might think that Millie Brown’s vomit painting could get dangerous to her health, and you’d be right. She fasts for two days before each performance so that her paintings do not include any food other than the soy milk she ingests. But Millie insists she lives a healthy vegan lifestyle and she always rests at least one month between each vomit painting performance:

“There have been so many different reactions to my work, from laughing to crying, love and even death threats but I think art is made to make you feel and as long as it makes you feel something it can be powerful. It’s definitely not recommended to put your body through this but I’m generally a healthy person so I feel like that balances out the rest.”

While this technique will probably gross out the average joe, art fans may lap it up (hopefully, not literally). After all, the art world celebrated paintings of Jesus being made with fecal matter. Millie Brown has been featured on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and she also does live performances separate from the recent event with Lady Gaga. She says she chose this new form of art back in 2005 in order to inspire emotions in people:

“I have an inherent desire to push my own boundaries within my art… By creating art from the very depths of my own physical being I am able to challenge people’s perception of beauty, expressing raw elements of human nature and in turn challenging myself both physically and mentally.”

What do you think about Millie Brown vomiting on Lady Gaga… art or just yuck?

Millie Brown Vomit Painting

[Images via Caters News Agency and Millie Brown]