Toddler Suspended From Daycare For Cheese Sandwich

We wish this was a hoax but it isn’t. A 2-year-old was suspended from daycare for bringing an old cheese sandwich. It’s happened to all of us at one point or another, you’ve forgotten your snack, or in this case a sandwich, so it sits in the bottom of your bag and on week two the smell is so pungent that you will never be able to rid it from your memory. You dispose of the sandwich, and you move on. This story is a bit different. For the toddler, who was given the sandwich only hours before she was dropped off at daycare, this was a big rule breaker, which resulted in suspension.

Canadian Randy Murray assumed that his toddler daughter had consumed her cheese sandwich before he dropped her off for daycare, but to his surprise she hadn’t. According to The Huffington Post, Randy’s toddler got in trouble because there’s a “no outside food” policy at the Ottawa daycare center.

Basically, if you bring food from the outside, even if it’s from home, you’re out of there for three days. If the food contains peanuts the students can be expelled due to the danger with the rise of peanut allergies.

Now Randy Murray, the father of the toddler, is speaking out because he’s upset about the occurrence. The father told Ottawa Sun:

“They freaked out. If I got a warning, I’d admit my mistake and move on. But it seems they want to penalize the parents. There’s no logic to it. I’m going to the media because I think people have to speak up when something’s fishy.”

The daycare’s director opened up about the policy and stated that there’s a very important reason why the policy is in place to begin with.

“We do have children with multiple allergies, and the parents are more than happy that we have all these things in place to protect the children.”

For now Randy Murray is looking for a different daycare for his child. In addition to his daughter he also has a son who currently attends the daycare. Fortunately for Murray his son wasn’t suspended from the school.

Although he would have liked a warning before his daughter was suspended he seemed to come to terms with the whole situation, having said: “I didn’t realize it was so strict that a two-year-old would be suspended. I didn’t realize there was a giant line, and I obviously crossed it.”

[Image credit: Vanessa Druckman / Flickr]