Rachele Cateyes Bikini Photo: ‘Fat Babe’ Exploited By Facebook Ad [Video]

A Rachele Cateyes bikini photo is making big waves across the internet. Who is Rachele Cateyes? Cateyes is a blogger and self proclaimed ‘Fat Babe’ who advocates for women to love their body image no matter what size they are. Last year, Rachele Cateyes took a photo of herself in a bikini to show off how comfortable she was with her look. Even recently it inspired some self proclaimed “Fat femmes” to post their own pictures.

rachele cateyes bikini photoThe Rachele Cateyes bikini photo and other content on her blog is designed to fight against the exploitation and representation of a perfect body image. Cateyes even has a YouTube page dedicated to teaching a course on how to become a “Fat B****”. Recently, Rachele posted a video explaining how her fans and supporters can help take down the Facebook ad that has gone viral.

Concerning her original bikini photo, Rachele Cateyes wrote:

Anchors away! I finally have myself a proper high-waisted fatkini. I took my body and put it on a beach and voila! Beach body! Wearing a bikini as a fat woman is an act of rebellion. I felt glorious and glamorous all at the same time. I wore my stretch marks as ribbons of honor and let the sun kiss my lumpy thighs and arms without a care in the world.

One day on Facebook, Rachele discovered her bikini photo in a diet ad for Venus Factor. Cateyes’ photo was being exploited as a potential “before” picture with captions like “why women should never diet like a man” and “how to cut down your body fat” attached to them. To her shock, friends also took notice of the photo and began questioning her about it. Rachele Cateyes was not embarrassed about the bikini photo, she was angry to be exploited by a company that represented everything she was against.

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A Milwaukie, Oregon native, Cateyes went to KGW news to apply pressure on the company to remove the ad. Both the pressure from the news organization and Rachele Cateyes has helped to get a response from the diet company. Ads of the bikini photo still exist, but they no longer link to the Venus Factor website. The company sent Rachele a message that said, “Again, this is bad for the both of us so I want to get this resolved as soon as possible.” Unfortunately, the message came after Rachele had launched a massive social media campaign against the organization.

The Rachele Cateyes bikini photo is still floating around on the internet as the story continues to go viral.

[Images via Fat Babe Designs/Tippa Ess Tumblr]