Lindsay Lohan Slips Into A Wedding Dress For ‘2 Broke Girls’ [Photo]

Lindsay Lohan really wants this comeback thing to work out in her favor.

Not only is the troubled actress featured in the aptly-titled OWN series Lindsay, she’s also lining up a few other projects on the small screen. Lohan will reportedly make an appearance on the popular sitcom 2 Broke Girls later this season.

According to the folks over at E! Online, Lindsay Lohan portrays bride-to-be Claire Guinness on the series. Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) find themselves contending with the woman’s wild behavior while putting together a cake for her upcoming wedding. The episode is presently slated to air on April 14.

Check out some pics of Lohan on the set.

Lindsay Lohan also wants to return to the big screen in the very near future. Although her erotic drama The Canyons failed to connect with moviegoers last year, the actress is hoping her latest cinematic endeavor will fare a little better.

The Wrap reported earlier this year that Lindsay will star in the $5 million psychological thriller Inconceivable. Emmett/Furla Films will produce the feature, while Lionsgate’s Grindstone division will release the flick on VOD and DVD. The movie should also hit a few screens in New York and Los Angeles.

Lohan said about her return to feature films:

“It’s therapeutic for me to throw myself into something that really excites me and something that I love to do so much. There’s nothing better than having seen all of your ideas and thoughts that you’ve been thinking about to come to fruition and to share that with people. I think that’s why I’ve always loved making movies so much. So it’s nice to be able to have another position in the film rather than just showing up and being on the set.”

Fans who want to see Lindsay Lohan attempt to get her life and career back in working order should seriously consider giving the OWN series Lindsay a shot. The actress seems to think that she’s in a pretty good place for the moment.

“I’m in this really good place where I have this inner peace right now. All the distractions and chaos that go on outside just in daily life in general don’t really affect me anymore,” Lohan explained.

She added, “I’m trying to figure out how to be sane and live, how to live out of a hotel, which I did when I was in a crazy phase in my life and that brings up a lot of memories and I hate it. And now I’m figuring out everything for myself with things being left up in the air constantly.”

Are you excited that Lindsay Lohan will appear on 2 Broke Girls?

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