Did Rihanna Secretly Visit Chris Brown During His Stint In Rehab?

Rihanna and Chris Brown probably get tired of seeing their names in the headlines for all the wrong reasons these days.

The saga surrounding the couple's tumultuous relationship is still a very popular topic for gossip mongers and their anonymous sources. The latest slice of questionable information has to do with Rihanna and a rumored trip to visit her ex-boyfriend during his stint in rehab.

According to New York Daily News, Rihanna secretly met up with Brown at the rehabilitation facility in January. After spending a few hours with her ex-boyfriend, she left without making a scene. In fact, only a handful of folks know that she even stopped by to see Chris.

Not surprisingly, Karrueche Tran wasn't at all happy about the visit. When she learned that Rihanna had secretly met up with the guy, she decided to end their relationship. That's what a few anonymous sources have to say on the subject, anyway.

"With Chris in rehab, [he] and Karrueche spoke every day and she stood by his side. She took a vacation to Turks and Caicos and told friends the entire time that they were really good and happy together," and insider recently dished.

The source continued, "She trusts Chris, but when it comes to Rihanna, she has a zero-tolerance policy. Then she found out about the trip. She believed him, but he finally admitted that Rihanna had come to see him. She put her foot down and cut him off completely."

Urban Islandz reports that Rihanna attempted to "test" Brown's ability to keep his temper in check by issuing reports that she and Drake were still an item. If the troubled singer can keep his temper in check, then there's a chance he could win Rihanna back. Again, this is all speculation on the internet's part.

If that's not enough Rihanna and Chris Brown-related gossip to keep your mind busy for several days, then you might want to pay attention to a recent report from MediaTakeOut. The website claims to have acquired a different batch of information from a supposed friend of Chris' mom.

According to this anonymous source, Rihanna gave her ex-boyfriend an ultimatum: Get your life together or else. When he didn't clean up his act, Rihanna decided to kick him to curb last year.

What do you think about all the rumors surrounding Rihanna and Chris Brown? Do you believe she visited her ex-boyfriend in rehab earlier this year?

[Image via Celebrity Net Worth]