Holly Ann Grigsby: White Supremacist Gets Life In Prison For Killing Spree To ‘Purify’ White Race

Holly Ann Grigsby went on a multi-state crime and murder spree in 2011 to “purify” the white race, and now the Oregon woman will spend the rest of her life in prison.

The white supremacist was charged in a federal conspiracy case involving four murders across three states, but on Tuesday pleaded guilty to one racketeering charge. Grisby will now avoid federal prosecution for the other crimes and won’t have to stand trial in the individual states where the murders took place.

Authorites said the 27-year-old Grigsby teamed up with co-defendant David “Joey” Pederson to embark on a campaign against minorities. In June 2011 the pair embarked on a number of robberies and kidnappings, culminating with the murders of three people.

According to the indictment, Holly Ann Grigsby lured potential targets that the pair then kidnapped. Those killed included Pederson’s father and stepmother, David “Red” Pedersen and Leslie DeeDee Pedersen.

Others killed were Faye Myer from Oregon and Reginald Alan Clark from Eureka, Calif.

Many had thought that Holly Ann Grigsby would face the death penalty, but Attorney General Eric Holder did not pursue a capital case. She will now face life in prison, however.

Pederson originally took responsibility for the actual murders, but had the case gone to court the government seemed ready to prove that Grigsby was the one who actually slashed DeeDee Pederson’s throat. Grigsby had told a reporter after her arrest that she killed DeeDee because white supremacists had a rule that men could not murder women.

She later took the statements back in court.

Grisby also revealed details on Myers killing, saying the 19-year-old was killed after the pair tried to hijack his car. She said the teen offered to drive the pair wherever they wanted, but Pederson shot Myers in the back of the head as the teen fought for his car.

Holly Ann Grigsby later called Myers a “casualty of war.”]