Mummified Woman Reportedly Voted Two Years After She Died

A mummified woman reportedly voted two years after she died. The remains of Pia Farrenkopf were discovered inside the garage of her Michigan home last week. Although the case is still under investigation, authorities believe she died in 2008.

Farrenkopf routinely left home for extended periods of time. She reportedly worked for the automotive industry and often traveled for work. According to neighbors, the woman was a native of Germany, who also traveled abroad to visit her family and friends.

Although it appears the woman was dead for six years, a series of coincidences cloaked her demise. Neighbors simply assumed Farrenkopf was on a business trip or vacation. Her mail was held at the post office, as it was delivered to a post office box. A good Samaratin kept the woman’s lawn mowed and her yard in order.

At the time of her death, authorities estimate Pia Farrenkopf had more than $50,000 in her bank account. All her monthly bills, including her mortgage payment, were on an automatic payment plan. However, when the money ran out the bank initiated foreclosure.

As part of the process, a contractor was hired to make repairs to the home. When the contractor entered the garage, he found the mummified woman in the back seat of her vehicle. Following an autopsy, the county medical examiner determined the woman did not suffer any trauma.

However, the unusual case if far from over.

As reported by Huffington Post, records show that Pia Farrenkopf voted in Michigan’s 2010 election. When questioned, officials indicated that there may be a clerical error in the voting records.

Adding to the mystery, Paula Logan, who claims she is Farrenkopf’s sister, started a Facebook page titled “Mummified in Michigan.” Although she had not spoken with her sister in years, Logan said early accounts about her sister’s life were incorrect.

Logan said her sister “is not a German immigrant nor is she even German.” According to Logan the mummified woman was born in South Boston, Massachusetts. She Farrenkopf valued her privacy and the family respected her wishes.

However, now that the woman is dead, her sister is looking for answers. Logan said she believes her sister met with foul play, as she never would have committed suicide.

Authorities have not confirmed that Logan and Pia Farrenkopf are indeed related. However, comments on the Facebook page question Logan’s motive. If she is the woman’s sister, the title of the page seems somewhat insensitive. Numerous commenters have also questioned Logan’s sincerity, as her sister was dead for six years before anyone in the family noticed.

Authorities have not concluded their investigation into the mummified woman. However, the case has become increasingly bizarre.

[Images via Facebook and Fox News]