Toddler Heroin Case: 48 Heroin Packets Found In Jacket

The last thing one would expect to find inside a toddler’s jacket is the class A drug heroin. But on Monday, that is what happened after a daycare worker at a childcare center in Paterson, New Jersey found, not one, but 48 packets of the drug in the toddler’s jacket.

The worker, who wasn’t quite sure what to do having found the heroin, made the decision to call the police. Lieutenant Bert Ribeiro from the Paterson Police Department said that the father of the toddler had taken the boy to the daycare center on that day.

The father, 27-year-old Phillip Young, was arrested by the police on drugs charges, and with endangering the welfare of a child. The police said that the toddler was probably not aware that the heroin was in his jacket, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it was found there.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only case this year of a toddler being found with heroin. Back in January two McDonald’s employees were busted after it was discovered they were using Happy Meals as a way of selling heroin to interested customers.

More worrying is the fact that a lot of the heroin found in Paterson had been mixed badly, and that had led to nearly a dozen deaths in the area. Fortunately, the heroin found in the toddler’s pocket in this case is not thought to be the dangerous fentanyl-laced heroin responsible for those deaths.

It remains to be seen what punishment Phillip Young will receive for allowing his toddler to attend a daycare center with nearly 50 packets of high grade heroin in his jacket pocket. Hopefully, the punishment will fit the crime so that such incidents don’t occur again.