McDonald’s Kicks Out Elderly Couple Because Their ‘Half-Hour’ Was Up

A McDonald’s branch in Culpeper, Virginia is the center of fast-food controversy this week for allegedly kicking out an elderly couple from the restaurant while the two were in the middle of eating, WJLA reports.

The couple, 87-year-old Carl Becker and 81-year-old Barbara Becker were enjoying their McDonald’s dollar sandwich when they were booted out of the restaurant because according to the manager, their ‘half-hour’ was up. The manager added that they needed to clean the floor where the elderly couple were located.

The two were outraged by the McDonald’s branch’s lack of courtesy but they still opted to leave the premises.

The couple however, wrote a letter to the local newspaper detailing the mistreatment they received from the manager of the Culpeper McDonald’s.

The couple says that they are huge fans of McDonald’s and that they would continue to eat their food. However, they said that they will no longer be coming back to the Culpeper branch..

Carl Becker is a World War II veteran. He and his wife, Barbara, are both grandparents who liked to unwind every afternoon at McDonald’s.

Other residents of Culpeper were angered by what happened in their local McDonald’s branch.

Ron Frazier, a Culpeper local who has worked in the restaurant industry for three decades, says that he was enraged by the booting of the Beckers. He said:

“If the place was full and they needed the seating… but just to mop the floors, it was really rude.”

According to the couple, the McDonald’s branch didn’t have much customers during the time they were kicked out.

Bob Drumheller, owner of the McDonald’s franchise in Culpeper, said to the Culpeper Star-Exponent:

“I care deeply about the comfort and satisfaction of my customers. My organization takes these matters seriously, and is investigating the customer’s claim.”

He hasn’t answered other questions from multiple news agencies that have tried to contact him.

The Beckers say that they haven’t received any form of apology, either from the local Culpeper branch or the McDonald’s head office. Barbara complained:

“It’s so absolutely insulting that you have to leave and the man behind us is laughing,”

Last November, a separate incident of customer mistreatment happened inside a McDonald’s branch in Sunset Park in New York when a disabled Iraq veteran was reportedly beaten up by employees of the restaurant for bringing his service dog inside the McDonald’s branch. The veteran, who requires a service dog to help him with physical tasks, said that McDonald’s was in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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