June 29, 2017
'Grace Unplugged' Makes Movie History!

There are three major faith and family film awards, but never before has one movie achieved top honors for all three. Until now. The 2013 film Grace Unplugged has just made movie history with an incredible sweep of the "Triple Crown" of awards for the genre.

This is not the first time that Grace Unplugged has set records. It stunned critics when it was the #1 most popular fan-rated movie on Fandango for four weeks when it made its theater debut in October 2013.

AJ Michalka is brilliant in this fresh retelling of the Prodigal as Gracie Trey, a teenager who rebels against everything she knew growing up, and runs away to Hollywood to chase her dream of being a music star. She finds that fame and fortune can cost much more than she bargained for, including her soul. It is a poignant story of disillusionment, and of redemption, as Grace finds her way back to all she ever really needed.


Fans of Grace Unplugged were ecstatic on February 7, 2014, when Grace won three awards at Movieguide's 22nd Annual Faith and Values Awards, including the top honor, the $100,000 Epiphany Award as the Most Inspiring Film of the Year. Grace Unplugged beat out blockbusters like Man of Steel and 42 for that award. AJ Michalka and James Denton also received awards for their roles.

One week later, Plugged In Awards announced that Grace Unplugged had been named Best Christian Movie by the film wing of Focus on the Family, the influential ministry giant founded by Dr. James Dobson.

And now, Director Brad Silverman and Producer Russ Rice have announced in a press release that Grace Unplugged has just been awarded the coveted "Crystal Dove Seal Award," completing an impressive showing for the film that Hollywood said would never make it because it named Jesus Christ in the script.

Brad Silverman, who also wrote the movie, says that "we're told [sweeping all three awards] has never happened before, so we're obviously very excited and humbled." He has been overwhelmed with the support and impact of Grace.

The storyline hits close to home for Producer Russ Rice, and he has openly spoken of a heart that is broken for the prodigals to come home. He expresses his gratitude for the response to Grace Unplugged:

Our goal from the beginning was to make a movie that would resonate with and inspire families - all while putting God on display. To be recognized at this level by all three of these prestigious organizations is extremely special to us.
Grace Unplugged was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on February 11, 2014.