Jonathan Martin Traded To San Francisco 49ers

Jonathan Martin — the former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman who quit his team last year after allegedly being bullied by teammate Richie Incognito — has now found a new home in San Francisco, where he will suit up for the 49ers during the 2014 season.

The move to the 49ers is a homecoming of sorts for Martin, given that he will be playing for Jim Harbaugh, who was his coach while a player at Stanford. The signing with the 49ers may allow Martin to move on from an apparently hurtful and confusing time, during which his toughness and mental stability were questioned.

Martin went onto Twitter to express his gratitude about being able to get a fresh start in San Francisco.

His first tweet was short, but to the point.

Big news…. Beyond Blessed

— Jonathan A. Martin (@J_Martin71) March 12, 2014

Apparently feeling that perhaps he had a little more to say, Jonathan returned to Twitter moments later to tweet the following:

Opportunities are few in the NFL… Can’t wait to get to work #9erEmpire

— Jonathan A. Martin (@J_Martin71) March 12, 2014

Now that Martin is part of a new organization, it will be interesting to see how his teammates and members of the media treat him. Perhaps there may be some who feel that if Martin quit on his team before — regardless of the reason — he might do so again.

Perhaps the fact that Martin has landed on his old coach’s team is the best scenario for him. There is little doubt that Harbaugh will have Martin’s back and it is likely that the team will follow the example set by the coach.

Whatever the case may be, it looks as if the 49ers believe that Jonathan Martin can be a helpful piece to making it back to the Super Bowl — even if he isn’t expected to be a major contributor. According to the San Jose Mercury News, Martin is likely to compete for the backup role at both tackle spots.

For San Francisco — who gave up an undisclosed draft choice for Martin — one may wonder if the investment in Martin will be worth the attention and scrutiny that having Martin as a player on the team may bring.

Still, the fresh start could be just the thing that Martin needs to reinvigorate his career and make a meaningful contribution to a Super Bowl contender. What do you think? If you were the GM for the 49ers would you have traded for Jonathan Martin?

Image via Allan Eyestone/The Palm Beach Post