Ohio Bar Shooting: 911 Audio Released

An Ohio bar shooting left three dead, including an off-duty police officer. The events that unfolded at the Last Call Bar in Fremont, Ohio, were captured in a chilling call to 911. On Sunday morning, 33-year-old Igmidio Mista walked into the local bar and opened fire. Although he fled the scene, he was later captured and arrested on three counts of first-degree murder.

The victims include Elmore, Ohio, police officer Jose “Andy” Chavez, bartender Ramiro Sanchez, and patron Daniel Ramirez. Ramiro Arreola was also hurt in the shooting. However, his injuries are described as non life-threatening.

Chavez and Ramiro were at the bar celebrating the officer’s birthday. According to witnesses, the suspect approached Chavez’s wife and initiated a verbal argument. The disagreement turned physical when Mista punched the woman in her face.

In defense of his wife, Chavez attempted to subdue the suspect. He and Ramiro eventually convinced Mista to leave the bar. Unfortunately, he only left long enough to obtain a gun. Witnesses said the suspect walked back into the bar through a side door and started shooting.

Following the rampage, the gunman fled the scene. After interviewing witnesses, authorities identified the suspect as Igmidio Mista, a citizen of the Philippines. According to officials the suspect is an illegal immigrant.


As reported by the Chicago Tribune, Mista was located and arrested without incident on Monday. During his arraignment, Fremont Municipal Court Judge Robert Hart ordered the suspect held without bond. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 20.

The Ohio bar shooting suspect reportedly refused to answer questions and requested a court-appointed attorney. He is currently being held in the Sandusky County Jail.

Officer Jose “Andy” Chavez, age 26, was an exemplary officer. At the time of the shooting he worked full-time for the Elmore Police department. However, he has also worked for the Woodville Police Department as a part-time officer and at the Toledo Lucas-County library as an armed security guard.

Chavez also enjoyed working with children and teens. He often read to children at the library and coached the Woodmore High School soccer team. He was well-respected as an officer, a coach, and a member of the community.

Ohio bar shooting victim Ramiro “Ronnie” Sanchez, age 28, was a bartender and an a business owner. As he had a passion for music, Sanchez created OH-10 Entertainment. The Fremont News-Messenger reports that his graphics business and record label were housed in the storefront next to the Last Call Bar. In the description of one of his music videos, Ramiro includes his thoughts about life and death:

“Life is too precious to just give up. Death usually makes us fall into depression and turn to sin where we are not only killing ourselves but messing up our relationship with God. Lord knows he doesn’t want that. So he sent me to make this video to let all know that it’s all right to mourn over a death, but let’s not worry too much because they are in a better place now.”

The third victim killed in the Ohio bar shooting, 25-year-old Daniel Ramirez, was a veteran of the United States Army. Ramirez was ambitious, hard-working, and dedicated to his country, his family, and his friends. His sister, Belinda Cordi, said “by the age of 25, he accomplished more than anyone” she has ever known.

Although the fourth victim, 25-year-old Ramiro Arreola, survived the shooting, he lost three of his closest friends.

The Ohio bar shooting appears to be an isolated incident that started with a simple argument. Unfortunately, Mista’s anger led to a murderous rampage that has devastated the community.

Audio of the 911 call HERE

[Images via hdnux and NewsNet5]