Susan Sarandon Gushes About Becoming a Grandmother

Susan Sarandon has a lot to be excited about these days! The 67-year-old actress is becoming a grandmother. The Academy Award-winning actress’ Eva Amurri and her husband Kyle Martino announced back in February that they are expecting their first child.

Sarandon recently sat down for an interview with US Weekly where she shared her sentiments of becoming a grandmother. She also talked about motherhood, sharing her personal experience of childbirth. Its obvious that she’s “very excited” about the next chapter of her life.

I think that even when I was having a baby myself and even after I had two babies myself, that you can’t even grasp the reality of it until that baby is there,” the Cloud Atlas star told the publication. “So even though we’re very excited and the sonograms are beautiful and we’ve been shopping, it’s still — I don’t think you actually understand until there’s a human being there. So we’re still in that kind of state, but we’re very excited.”

She went on to share a few details about her daughter’s pregnancy. Then, she dished about shopping for her future grand-daughter, already spoiling the little bundle of joy. “We bought this gliding chair,” she said. “I had used a rocking chair, but now they have these chairs that glide. You can sleep in it practically. So that’s what she got for her birthday from me.”

On Friday, Feb. 14, the publication confirmed Amurri’s pregnancy. Then, on Mar. 6, the 28-year-old actress and her husband both took to twitter to announce that she was having a girl. Sarandon has also chimed in on Twitter a time or two, sharing her elation about the new addition to their family.

Amurri and Martino, who is a former soccer player and current NBC Sports broadcaster, tied the knot on Oct. 29, 2011. Congrats to the new parents!

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