Lauren Conrad Cares About Heidi Montag

Lauren Conrad still doesn’t hate Heidi Montag (maybe Audrina’s taken her place?) and US mag has revealed she was concerned about her after eloped with unpopular Spencer Pratt. Holly Montag, Heidi’s sister, said that she received a surprise phone call from Lauren on the day they all found out about the Mexican wedding, explaining that “She was just checking on everybody and making sure the family was OK.”

We’re pretty sure that Heidi’s mom is not doing well, but Holly seems to be bouncing back after crying on The Hills After Show when she realized that Heidi had been married days before. Holly added that “I think [Heidi] felt bad that she didn’t tell us right away, and we had to find out through other sources. But it was her choice, and we are all really supportive of whatever she decides to do.”

And then, being the awesome sister that she is, Holly said that she wanted to plan her sister’s big wedding ceremony. How can Holly even look at Spencer after he said so many horrible things to her?