Kevin Hart Proving To Be Golden At Box Office

Kevin Hart, successful stand-up comedian and current feature film star, is enjoying an impressive wave of popularity recently. Hart has been on the entertainment landscape for some time, but has suddenly become a household name with a large following of devoted fans.

Hart is currently starring in two films running simultaneously at the box office, and both movies have struck a chord with audiences, providing a showcase for Hart and his excellent comedic prowess.

The buddy comedy Ride Along pairs Hart with Ice Cube in a film that provides a nice blend of action and laughs. The film follows the adventures of Hart, a security guard who attempts to earn the respect of his girlfriend’s cop brother by tagging along on a patrol through the streets of Atlanta. The film has proven to be a fine vehicle for Hart and his comic sensibilities. Ride Along has grossed over $125 million domestically as of last week, and should continue to fare well at the box office.

Hart can also be seen currently in About Last Night, a romantic comedy co-starring Regina Hall that chronicles the trials and tribulations of two couples who meet in a bar. About Last Night is approaching $50 million in domestic box office and is an example of Hart’s versatility as an actor.

Part of the seemingly universal appeal of Hart is his affable personality and ability to exploit social media as a means to build his personal brand. Hart has over 10 million Twitter followers to date, and has used this medium to get his name out to the masses. Jeff Clanagan, CEO of CodeBlack Films, considers this an advantage for Hart in regard to film promotion, exclaiming, “Kevin has the ability to market a project to his audience more effectively than a studio can.”

Hart’s success can be attributed in part to his ability to appeal to a wide range of demographics, a character trait noticed by Ride Along co-star Ice Cube:

“By him being just a cool dude, Kevin has a delivery that can work for a totally urban audience, but he also has a delivery that if he ever hosted the Oscars, he could pull it off and it wouldn’t be a stretch, so watch out, Ellen.”

Hart himself understands the importance of his broad appeal, and seems to genuinely enjoy his work:

“Universal, baby! I pride myself on appealing to everyone at the end of the day, not just black people, not just white people, not just Chinese people. That’s one thing we as people share is laughter.”

Hart has started 2014 with a bang, and his star should only continue to rise with numerous projects on deck, including a reported sequel to Ride Along, with Hart teaming up with Ice Cube yet again.