Demi Lovato Plays Fairfax, Kate Gosselin Fights With Her Kids At The Show

Demi Lovato recently brought her Neon Lights tour to the folks in Fairfax, Virginia. However, it wasn’t her performance that recently made headlines.

Unfortunately for Lovato, there were a few other famous faces at the show who ultimately stole her thunder. According to reports, reality TV star Kate Gosselin and her twin daughters decided to take in Demi’s show. Instead of quietly attending the concert, they ended up drawing quite a bit of attention to themselves.

According to the folks at Radar Online, Gosselin decided to yell at her daughters near the Demi Lovato merchandise table. Since Kate couldn’t keep the girls from wandering around on their own, she decided to scold them in front of everyone.

“We were at the Demi Lovato concert on Sunday night and had just entered the building and were browsing the merchandise table. I turned and saw a girl who looked familiar but turned away and didn’t think much of it,” one concertgoer reportedly told the website.

The source added, “Next thing you know we heard someone yelling, ‘You both need to come back here now! Get over here and stay together! Where are you guys going?!'”

When the Demi Lovato fan whirled around to see what was going on, he or she discovered that it was Gosselin who was yelling at her twin daughters Mady and Cara. Not surprisingly, the girls looked “deflated” and “embarrassed” by their mother’s behavior at the show.

Hollywood Life points out that Kate was also seen holding hands with her bodyguard at the Demi Lovato concert. Of course, that doesn’t necessary mean there’s anything romantic happening between the two. For the moment, it’s probably best not to read anything too deep in that particular slice of internet gossip.

In other Lovato-related news, the world recently discovered that the singer shaved the side of her head. Demi shared a photo of the new ‘do on Twitter, a post that definitely caught the attention of her fans.

According to MTV News, house DJ Cole Plante believes the singer was possibly inspired by his own haircut and coloring. Of course, Lovato hasn’t said anything about where she got the idea as of this writing.

“She has that, like, really nice, vibrant pink and now I have this red, [which] will eventually turn pink. So at one point on this tour we’ll have the same exact hair. I’ll just let this come down a couple of inches,” Plante told the outlet.

What do you think about Kate Gosselin fussing at her twin daughters at a recent Demi Lovato show in Fairfax, Virginia?

[Image via Tickpick]