Michael Schumacher’s Coma Unchanged, Doctors Reportedly Tell Family He Needs Miracle

Formula 1 racing champion Michael Schumacher remains in stable condition and is in the “wake-up phase” of the medically induced coma he was placed under following the skiing accident he suffered while on vacation nearly 10-weeks ago, his spokeswoman said on Friday.

This is the first time Sabine Kehm has spoken to the press since February 13, when she said the family was still holding out hope that Schumi would eventually recover.

In the statement Kehm emphasized that any comments attributed to sources are not to be taken seriously:

“Michael is still in the wake up phase.The situation has not changed. Any medical information published which is not confirmed by the team of doctors treating Michael or his management has to be considered as not valid.”

Nevertheless, reports continue to surface as to the true gravity of Michael Schumacher’s brain injury and the number of weeks that has passed from the time of the accident.

Rumors that the seven-time world champion is responding to treatment were fueled by comments made by former teammate, Felipe Massa, who visited with Schumacher and told the German tabloid Bild:

“He is sleeping, he looks normal and he showed a few responses with his mouth.”

“I was very happy to be able to spend some time with him, I spoke with him a lot, about how the team was doing, about the new car.”

“I tried to give him the best possible energy. He is a very strong person and I really hope that he will again be able to enjoy life.”

Michael Schumacher Skiing Accident: Footage Of F1 Legend Airlifted To Hospital (VIDEO) http://t.co/oT2jnogI8N pic.twitter.com/IhF1BUPHmM

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Michael Schumacher’s family is reportedly concerned that the doctors have little hope their loved one will conquer this and were told he is going to need “a miracle” to survive his current condition.

Following his skiing accident — in which he hit his head on a rock while skiing off piste — on December 29, 2013, doctors performed emergency surgery to reduce the pressure in the brain and placed the German legend in a coma.

During the “wake-up phase” doctors at the hospital in Grenoble, France are reducing the amount of drugs Schumacher receives and are slowly trying to wake him up from his coma.

According to experts, most comas last for about three-weeks, however, there are no news confirming how long doctors will be allowing for the former Ferrari driver to fully wake up.

In the meantime, fans continue to hold out hope, while the press speculates as to what are Michael Schumacher’s real chances to recover with one unidentified source saying: “Doctors have given it to them straight. Miracles sometimes happen but there is little hope that he will come out of this.”

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