Piers Morgan’s Replacement Could Be A Surprise Pick

Piers Morgan’s stint as the main interviewer on CNN didn’t last long, but the news company isn’t wasting any time in trying to find a replacement for the host. Certainly the network wants to find somebody who has a big name who will attract viewers, but it also is important that the new host has some serious interviewing chops. Perhaps more importantly, the new host needs to be a likable, relatable person who will keep viewers coming back.

Morgan, despite his news background, simply was never very relatable and not all that likable. So, who is on the short list to replace Piers? The New York Daily News is reporting a short list of potential replacements. Those who are rumored to potentially replace Morgan include:

Rosie O’Donnell

O’Donnell certainly is no stranger to hosting talk shows — having hosted both the Rosie O’ Donnell Show as well as The View— but the former funny woman’s sometimes cantankerous disposition might make her less than relatable to the general viewing public than even Morgan was. O’Donnell started off her talk show career as a fun-loving host, but by the time she made her way to The View she became hard to handle.

Joy Behar

Like O’Donnell, Joy Behar also is a former host of The View. She also hosted her own show on Current TV until it was cancelled in 2013. She could be a good replacement for Piers Morgan, but the fact that she is 71 years old might make her a little too old to reach a younger audience. Something Piers Morgan didn’t do very well either.

Ann Curry

Ann Curry certainly has the news chops to replace Piers, having been in the news business her whole career. One small problem with Curry could be that she is already under contract with NBC News as a national and international correspondent. Like Piers, Curry was also unceremoniously kicked to the side when The Today Show thought they could do better than her.

Anderson Cooper

Perhaps the biggest name on the short list to replace Piers is veteran correspondent Anderson Cooper. The good news for CNN is that Cooper is already employed at the network. The bad news is that he already has his own news show and he may not want to give that up to become a studio interviewer.

Who do you think the best replacement for Piers Morgan would be? Does it even matter to you? Let us know in the comments.

Image via NYDailyNews