‘Hunger Games’ Producers Taking On New Project In ‘The Goldfinch’

The success of The Hunger Games has underlined a new rising popularity of teenage themed novels in today’s culture. Now the producers that have rescued teen culture from the clutches of Twilight are moving onto a new project as they take on Donna Tartt’s, The Goldfinch.

Nina Jacobson and her production company have just announced they signed Tartt to a new contract that will give them exclusive rights to the big screen adaptation of the hit book. Variety reports that the book was published last fall and is still ranking second on the New York Times bestseller list. The Hunger Games production team is clearly looking to hit yet another homerun with a crossover title that can lure in teens and adults alike.

The movie going public clearly has a hunger for these titles, considering that another book, remarkably similar to The Hunger Games is due out in theaters this spring. Divergent‘s main character has long been compared to the Games‘ Katniss Everdeen and the villain in Divergent is closely linked to Games‘ President Snow.

While The Hunger Games and Divergent both center around science fiction set in dystopian futures, The Goldfinch is set in modern times and its main character is a young boy. The story actually takes place over a 20 year period and starts out as the main character loses his mother during a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The boy survives the terrorist attack and manages to abscond with Fabritius’ titular painting. The story continues as the character is taken in by a rich, Upper East Side family and he later reunites with his father. The alcoholic gambling addict eventually takes him to Las Vegas.

Now that The Hunger Games producers have managed to secure the rights to this popular story, the team needs to figure out exactly how they are going to adapt it. Color Force, the production team led by Nina Jacobson understand the first step is going to be finding the right filmmaker first.

The Wrap managed a recent interview with Jacobson and she let it slip that this might actually be a television adaptation rather than a movie.

“We are looking for the right filmmaker, and then we’ll choose the right home based on that filmmaker. We’ve been thinking we are more likely to make a limited series for TV. There’s so much scope to the book. At the same time, a filmmaker could come in with a perspective that changes our mind.”

The real questions is what the public has a hunger for when it comes to this adaptation. There shouldn’t be any games played when it comes to making this a movie or TV show.

Jacobson is on the set of The Hunger Games right now. The producer is busy putting the final two installments of The Hunger Games together once and for all, then her attention can shift to The Goldfinch.