Austin Mahone Wants To Work With Drake, Looks Up To Chris Brown

Austin Mahone would love to work with a few of his musical idols.

The “Banga Banga” singer definitely has his sights set on the future. Not only is he putting the finishing touches on his first full-length record, he’s also cobbling together a list of popular recording artists he wants to collaborate with at some point during his career.

Mahone recently sat down with the folks at E! Online for a quick interview. After dishing on his experience touring with country music darling Taylor Swift, Austin gave fans some insight into who he’d love to work with down the road.

“I would love to collaborate with Drake, Chris Brown. Those are the main two that I really look up to,” Mahone explained.

This certainly isn’t the first time Austin Mahone has gushed about Brown during an interview. The singer told MTV News last year that he was incredibly excited to meet Chris, someone he credits with influencing his dance style.

“I think he’s an amazing artist. He puts on a really good show. I’m a big fan of his music, so it [the photo] was actually in L.A. at this charity event,” Mahone told the site.

MTV News suggested at the time that Austin Mahone and Brown were collaborating on a track for his full-length debut. Since Austin still has the guy on his wish list, chances are Chris won’t appear on the album when it drops later this year.

So when can fans expect to get their anxious hands on Mahone’s first proper record? Unfortunately, nobody has a proper release date to speak of just yet. However, Austin recently explained that he’s about 75 percent finished with the songs.

He added, “I’m a lot older now and I’m putting out more mature singles and more mature music. I feel like my fans are growing up, and I want them to grow with me, so that’s definitely a factor. It’s definitely taking a lot longer than I expected, but it’s going to be worth it. It’s gonna be really good when it comes out.”

If you want to catch Austin Mahone on-tour before the summer, you still have a few opportunities to do so. In addition to his show in Pittsburgh on March 9, he’s slated to appear in Austin, Texas for two separate shows on March 12.

Are you a fan of Austin Mahone? Would you like to see the singer collaborate with either Drake or Chris Brown at some point?

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