‘Watch Dogs’ Release Date Confirmed With Leaked Trailer [Video]

The Watch Dogs release date has finally been confirmed, as the trailer was leaked on Xbox Live ahead of time. Now the new trailer has been released, giving us our next glimpse into Ubisoft’s long awaited new killer IP.

Watch Dogs was initially supposed to be released alongside the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Ubisoft told us they still needed to put more work into bringing it up to their standards, even though some suspected they didn’t want to compete with other big games released around the same time. After the launch of the next gen consoles, we have begun to realize that more of the launch titles should have been delayed for the same reason. This is why the latest Call of Duty and Battlefield both suffered from a lackluster response and failed to meet overall expectations.

Rogue hacker Aiden Pearce’s escapades in the futuristic Chicago may have lost much of their appeal since the delay of the Watch Dogs release date. Gamers are beginning to look past the real world surreality of the game’s premise and are wondering if it’s worth the wait. There have been too many big games which were delayed for some reason, and a lot of them ended up not being worth the wait.

The wait for actual Watch Dogs gameplay will be over this Summer.

After the Watch Dogs trailer accidentally arrived on the Xbox 360 dashboard too early, it was confirmed that the Watch Dogs release date will be May 27. This coincides with rumors spawned earlier this month from an ad sighted on a gaming news publication. Even though the ad was removed shortly afterward, enterprising individuals were able to get a screen grab confirming that the announcement wasn’t made up.

Could the leaked trailer and vanishing ad possibly have been intentional? The game is about a hacker overriding the system to accomplish his own ends, so it could have been that these sporadic teases were meant to look like hacking attempts. If this is true, then Ubisoft really is stepping up their game and adding the anticipation back.

'Watch Dogs' gameplay is coming your way this Summer

The Watch Dogs trailer reveals that Aiden Pearce was the man behind a routine hack job he thought was clean. Then he saw something he shouldn’t have seen and some men came for him and killed his wife. Now he’s out for revenge, and in order to do that, he’s going to have to pull off the hack job of the century. He will need to evade the price on his head and go after the ones who want him dead. We haven’t seen a plot like this since the first Prototype, and it could be an exciting time which ends up worth the delay of the Watch Dogs release date.

Are you excited to see the Watch Dogs PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC versions finally arrive?