Tom Hanks "Angry" over 'The Onion' Pulitzer Snub

Tom Hanks, the "Cast Away" that melted our hearts in Forrest Gump and countless other films, is speaking out and it has nothing to do with his upcoming movie "Larry Crowne."

Yesterday, in video on YouTube, the "Big" star gave his official endorsement that satirical newspaper, The Onion, should take home the Pulitzer Prize, the Crème de la Crème of Journalism Awards.

In his video, a "serious-looking" Hanks expressed his "malice" towards the "mysterious cabal of power brokers and so-called taste makers who gather annually in what must be some all-night drunken bacchanalia slash pinata-party the result is which is the awarding of the prized Pulitzer."

Mr. Hanks went on to say that if the greatest [fake] news source didn't receive this year's prize he would personally search down each and every member responsible for the "injustice."

Tom Hanks' endorsement was just one of many, as numerous other notable individuals have also spoken on behalf of Americans for Fairness in Awarding Journalism Prizes, an organization that has apparently made it its mission to get "The Onion" a Pulitzer.

Watch Tom's full Onion endorsement video below: