Game Of Thrones Star Lena Headey Gives Gene Simmons Cold Shoulder At Premiere

Game of Thrones star Lena Headey, best known as the cold-hearted Cersei Lannister, delivered a blush-inducing snub to aging rocker Gene Simmons Tuesday night, leaving the loudmouthed KISS bassist standing awkwardly alone.

The brush-off came Tuesday night at Hollywood’s famed Chinese Theatre, site of the premiere of the new action movie, 300: Rise of an Empire, a sequel to the 2007 sword-and-sandal hit 300. In the original, well before she rose to fame on Game of Thrones, Headey portrayed Sparta’s Queen Gorgo, a role she revisits in the new film. But the 40-year-old English actress is far better known now than she was seven years ago, thanks to the HBO hit series.

Headey took to the red carpet along with her 300: Rise of an Empire co-star Eva Green, who also once portrayed an evil femme fatale in a medieval fantasy series, when she took the role of the sorceress Morgan Pendragon in the short-lived 2011 Starz Network series Camelot.

But it was Headey who for some reason, attracted the attention of Gene Simmons — perhaps drawn by the Game of Thrones actress’ brazen display of her floral back and arm tattoos — as he accosted her in the middle of a red carpet interview she was holding with the Associated Press.

Perhaps unaccustomed to rejection by the female of the species — after all, Simmons claims to have had sex with 4,600 different women — Gene Simmons attempted to physically coax the Game of Thrones regular away from the AP reporters, telling her that it would be much more interesting for her to meet his son, Nick Simmons, than to continue speaking with reporters.

Simmons also made what was apparently supposed to be a witty quip, cracking, “I have an app on my phone,” which seemed to be a reference to the AP microphone. “AP.” “App.” Get it?

None of these maneuvers impressed Headey. Nor was she moved, physically or emotionally, when the 64-year-old former star of Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels placed a hand on her bared shoulder.

Simmons slinked away and his mortified, 25-year-old son apologized to the Game of Thrones star shortly before the screening got underway.

Lena Headey fans will be seeing her quite bit in coming weeks. 300: Rise of an Empire opens nationwide on Friday, March 7. Game of Thrones Season 4 premieres on HBO April 6.